Monday, May 23, 2016

5 Reasons I Choose Digital

Let me preface this by saying I absolutely LOVE real books, but sometimes digital is my first choice. 

 Let me tell you why:

1.  It's easy:  Buy it online, download it online, print it at home - all from the comfort of your home!

2.  It's cheaper:  The cost for the publisher is less because they are not paying for the hard good=cheaper for you!

3.  Spilling my coffee on it won't ruin it forever (the printed paper not my computer!) - Yes, I can print it over and over again, even if I spill my coffee on it:)

4.  I don't have to print everything:  I just print the pages I need and we are done!

5.  It's easy to travel with:  It's all saved in the cloud or on my laptop.  Easy to access without the weight!

Tip:  Always back up your digital downloads either on a hard drive, cloud, flash drive, or another computer.  It's not always easy to retrieve them once your download time expires.

What about you?  Are you a fan of the digital age?  Why or why not?

Let me share an example.  I just bought 9 bundles from the Build Your Bundle 2016 Sale.  I only payed $162 for curriculum I will use for the next few years.  My younger children will even grow into some of these, so I will use them again.  See how cheap I was able to get all this for? ...why? ...because it's digital!!  Here is what I bought:

 This worksheet really helped me to figure out what I wanted to buy.  I found I had multiple things I wanted to buy (over 30!) and it would be cheaper for me to buy 2 get 1 free.  I checked out 3 times and used my coupon each time.  I only spent $54 which each check out!

Here's some more examples:

 You can also build your own, if you only want a few and looks like this will be the best route for you:
The Build Your Bundle Sale is now over, but if you click on any of the links above you can find out how to notified for next year's sale!

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