Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Sunday Scoop {Giveaway Winners}!!

And now the winners....Drum roll please...

Brandy Hill and a friend of her choice!!!  (Check your e-mail!!)

Congratulations Brandy!!!

They won this huge set!!  If you didn't win and you just have to have can still grab it at a discounted price for a limited time. Just click on the image below for more info.!

Thank You everyone for participating:)

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Sunday Scoop {FREEBIE}

You will find 10 cute Editable Chevron Binder Covers in this Follower Freebie!  Just click on the link below to scoop yours up:)

In case you haven't entered yet...there is still time to enter the giveaway!  
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Saturday, September 6, 2014

How to Make Your Own Teacher and Student Binders {Giveaway}

Making your own binders for your classroom is super easy!  You can make them for a 1/4 of the cost that you would pay to buy them already made. This little tutorial will walk you through the process.

This year I really wanted a cute set of binders for myself and my kids.  My little girls wanted the cute chevron planners and my littler guys helped design their own calendar notebooks with cute critters. I went ahead and conquered the task for all 5 of us.  Whether you are making teacher binders or student binders the basic steps will be the same. 

My Teacher Binder Bundle is completely editable, so you can customize each cover that you make.  I made covers for TheTravelingclassroom, Spanish, Calendar Time, Science, and my personal calendar notebook/lesson planner.   I also made front and back covers for each of my kids. 

 You can either use the cover pages in a 3-ring binder or use them in a comb bound notebook.  With a 3 ring binder you have the option of adding pages later on and it is really easy to just slide the pages in.  If you choose to have them bound at a print shop (such as Kinkos, Office Depot, etc.) with plastic or metal coil binding, you will have a nice little notebook when you are all done.  With the comb binding option you will want to laminate the front and back covers for durability.

You can also add your own little embellishments.  I chose to add a polka dot ribbon book mark to the back cover.  I just hot glued it to the back cover.

You will not need the binder spines with the comb bound or coil bound binder.  I printed all my pages on our home printer, laminated our covers, and then took them to the local print shop to be bound.  At the print shop they punched the holes and bound them with their handy dandy machine.

You will want to have all your pages in order before you head to a print shop.  Make sure to organize enough weekly pages, daily pages, and notes for the year.  Don't forget your page dividers!
If you are making a teacher lesson planner or organization binder you will want to include all the pages for that also.

That is all there is to it!  The fun part is seeing the final products:)  Everyone over here LOVED their new binders.   They couldn't wait to pull out the glitter  gelle pens and start writing.  (I have to admit, I felt the same way:)

If you are in need of a teacher binder be sure to hop on over to my store to check it out while it is on sale!

The Teacher Binder Bundle will be 50% off for a limited time. That's over 600 pages for only $15!! (If you win this giveaway and have already purchased a set - I will give you a full refund:)

You can find notebooks for your little ones too by clicking on the picture below....

Now for the Giveaway!!  I would love to give one of these Teacher Binder Bundles to you AND a friend:)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

UberSmart Software & FREE math fact worksheets - A TOS Review

UberSmart Software is a downloadable software program that you can use on almost any computer. This software is for 
Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista ONLY.  Sorry no apple computers with this one.  On a positive note, you don't have to be on-line for the kids to use it.

Geared for grades K-6, but younger or older kids can also benefit from this software. It offers multiple levels of math fact learning. Included in the software are Dot Cards (like adding domino faces in the picture above), Keyboard Entry (Ten-Key Numbers in the picture below), Flash Cards (add and subtract through 9, multiplication and division  to 12).

I received UberSmart Math Facts, for the purpose of this review, to use with my own students. All I needed to do was download the software, input our user name/passwords, and then we were ready to start. My two younger children, ages 5 and 8, loved using it for mastery of their addition/subtraction facts. They each started at 0 for their addition facts and quickly moved forward. They had an immediate sense of accomplishment right from the start. More then a few times I heard them yelling, "hey mom, look I mastered 6 ...7...8...!" Since the kids love to get on the computer, this has been a great resource for them to focus on math facts in addition to their daily math work.

My older kids ages 10,12, & 13 wanted to jump on and give it a whirl.  They loved the challenge of beating the clock and would boast of how fast they master their 0's. I am so glad they had fun with it:)  They also enjoyed trying to master their speed with all the higher multiplication sets as well as their number keyboarding skills.

As a teacher here are some of the things that I really liked about this software.  First of all, it works just like a set of flashcards with the student or teacher increasing their speed.  Also, I could change the time limit for each set, to challenge them to work a little bit harder.  Something I especially liked is that this software is clean and effective.  No extra agenda and funny animation - just math flash cards.  Since the kids can use it independently with out need for supervision or help, it frees me up and gives me a report to assess my student's progress and needs.   Finally, they offer FREE math facts worksheets that compliment the program:)

UberSmart Math Facts Review

This software can be used with eight or more students making it great for any classroom setting.  Valued at $24.95 for standard home use.  If you decide to buy it before Sept. 30, 2014 you can get 30% off using the code  "v4 Early Bird"  You can also try it out now using their  30 day FREE trial.

If you are interested in this software be sure to check out what other members of the crew had to say about it. 
Click to read Crew Reviews

Crew Disclaimer

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Teacher T-Shirts! Winner!!!

We have a winner!! Thank you everyone for participating in the teacher t-shirt giveaway:)

Give a big congratulations to Jennifer Clark - she gets to pick out her very own teacher t-shirt!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy Kids Songs - A TOS Review

Happy Kids Songs boasts of " boosting kids character, social and emotional skills". Their songs can easily be downloaded in MP3 format through their website. I received three song sets and a physical corresponding workbook for the purpose of this review.  Portions of each song can be found on their website which makes it easy to see if this style suits you and your kids needs.

The songs included are by Dr. Mac who is a child psychologist.  Each song comes from a physcological perspective.  This would easily fit into any secular school setting.   Each set retails at $4.95 but you can easily purchase the individual songs at $.99 each.

Friends & Sharing

The first set of songs is called Friends & Sharing (Set 1).

This first set contains 5 songs: Sailing on the Seven Cs, Everybody Wants to Find a Friend, Sharing Friends, Happy as Happy Can Be, and Together.
Happy Kids Songs Review

The second set of songs are called Happiness & Attitude (Set 5). 

The songs included in this set are called Who Knows What’s a Kudo?, I Don’t Understand , Be Good to Yourself, and Better Together.

Happy Kids Songs Review

The third set  is  Manners & Character (Set 6) 

We’re the Chorus, Give It Back, Diplodocus, Clean-Up Time, and Soldier of Peace.

The Happy Kids Songs Workbook includes extra activities for each of the subjects found on the albums. It also includes all the PDFs that you would get when purchasing the albums.

These particular songs are geared towards children ages 3-8. Younger kids will probably enjoy this music also due to the upbeat and child friendly style. The songs have a contemporary old rock sound to them and are reminiscent of other popular children's music.

After receiving the music, we immediately started to listen to it.  My kids ages 5 and 8 were immediately interested.   The older kids groaned and walked out of the room.  We listened to each song patiently.  Again the songs were not our style of music so it didn't go over too well.   We are not big on rock music, whether old or new, so it was a bit hard to endure.   The messages were a bit contrary to what we usually teach in our home.  We teach from a Biblical stand point with Bible being the reason we do or do not do certain things.  That being said,  it was not a good fit for our family.

If you are interested in the song sets or book be sure to check out what other members of the crew had to say about them. You can also connect with Happy Kids Songs through the following sites.

Twitter:  @howsyourfam

Thanks for traveling with us,

Monday, August 18, 2014

Wizzy Gizmo Audio Drama ~ A TOS Review

The Audio Drama One:  Who Created Everything?, is the first of two series that are available in book form.  I received their first and only audio drama CD  for the purpose of this review. There are two books based on the Old Testament stories and a set of cards that teach about the books of the New Testament that you can also find on the Wizzy Gizmo website. 

 "Who Created Everything"  from Wizzy Gizmo is an audio drama CD.   It is a 36 minute Bible drama from Genesis chapter 1 that retails for $14.99.    Wizzy Gizmo is a character in the story that invents gizmos. With his gizmovision machine, the cast of characters are able to transport themselves into a book of the Bible.  The story begins with a professor and a group of kids that travel back in time via a time machine.  Interspersed between talking kids and the professor are catchy songs that go along with the story.

The cast of characters includes Wizzy Gizmo, Qwacky, Pepe, Summer, Thomas, Eli, and Olive.  Here is a list of the 22 tracks included on the CD so you can have a better understanding of what is included.

1.    Wizzy Gizmo Theme Song
2.    Gizmovision
3.    Day One of Creation
4.    Day Two of Creation
5.    Day Three of Creation Part 1
6.    Where are the Stars?
7.    Day Three of Creation Part 2
8.    Mango Oh How I love You!
9.    Strawberry Summer
10.  Day Three of Creation Part 3
11.  Day Four of Creation
12.  Day Five of Creation
13.  Day Six of Creation
14.  Worthy are You
15.  Giz Quiz
16.  Third Heaven
17.  Everything
18.  Let There be Light
19.  Sunrise to Space
20.  Under Water Adventure
21.  Creatures of the World
22.  Go Forth

According to the CD sleeve all scripture is taken from the New American Standard Bible.

The age range for this particular audio drama is for ages 4-12.  Younger kids will probably enjoy this CD and go "along for the ride" due to the quick paced story line and songs.  The songs have a contemporary sound to them and are reminiscent of other popular Christian rock audio dramas I have heard over the years.  Would you like to listen to some sample songs and stories to see if this is for you?  Then hop on over and take a listen!

When this CD arrived in the mail we immediately popped it in to listen to it.  My kids 5, 8, and 10 were immediately interested.  We listened to it until they were "done" listening.  We only made it through about 1/2 of the CD because the kids thought some of the acting was a bit forced and they didn't like it.  We are also not big on rock music so it was a little loud and "trendy" for our taste.  

  If you are interested in the books or cards be sure to check out what other members of the crew had to say about them.  You can connect with  Wizzy Gizmo  through the following sites.

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