Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aleph Bet Hebrew Cards, Chart, & Notebook

Using our new learning cards, alphabet chart, and notebooks we began learning Hebrew in a whole new way!

You can hop over to my store and find those there if you would like to  look at them a little closer.

Ancient Paleo Hebrew & Modern Hebrew -23 aleph bet (alphabet) learning cards 

 This is for Ages 4-adult!!

Hebrew is fun to learn and I know you will enjoy it!  Whether you want to understand the ancient Hebrew Bible better, or just learn more about the Ancient Hebraic Civilizations this is where you should start!

Each Ancient Hebrew Letter has a pictorial meaning, numerical meaning,  as well as a phonetic meaning.  Understanding the Ancient "Aleph -Bet" will help you understand the ancient Hebraic mindset in a whole new way!  I would also suggest using  my Aleph Unit study where you will learn about Hebraic word pictures, ancient Hebraic acrostic poems, and more!  You will come away from this in awe of the depth of each individual letter and word!

My 4 year old!

 and 8 year old!  It is so easy little children can learn it and so can you!

After we sang our aleph bet song the littler ones started stenciling while the older ones picked
different color post-its & copied the ancient paleo Hebrew, modern Hebrew, and cursive Hebrew for the first 9 letters of the Hebrew alphabet & then drew each one´s representative picture...
My 10 & 14 year olds!

Then we put them in our Hebrew notebook....opening from the right side of course!
(Hebrew reads from right to left)

We colored some more and practice writing each letter...

Here is a picture of our notebook cover...
The Hebrew Notebook Cover is included in my

Ancient Hebrew Civilizations, Root Words, Acrostic Poems Unit- common core Unit

Hebrew is a beautiful language and it is not just a Jewish thing!  You will be amazed at how much you can learn about ancient history just from learning the ancient letters!  We love it and I know you will too!

Well what are you waiting for - there is no time but the present:)!!

  If you would like to learn Biblical Hebrew I would also recommend the two books below to help you get even more in depth:)


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