Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fun with puppets, poetry, & mud!

Ancient Hebrew & Acrostic Poems  Thematic Unit Study
We just finished our Ancient Hebrew - Aleph - Unit Study

We´ve been working on it for a little over a month...

 I really think my favorite highlights were all the hands on activities that we did.

We made puppets for a Dramatic Play  to go along with our Rhyming Poem ....all the poets here helped make it...I´m putting it in my freebies...make sure you  go read it there:)

We also did some Acrostic Poems for Mom & Dad (Ima & Aba)

They were really cute:)

We had a little bit of mud construction one day...
we´re not sure how all the ancients lived but this definitely could have been one style:)

Equally Yoked  Activity for Notebook or  Lapbook & Matchin

 The memory cards & lap book were fun too...

The girls made some cute frames from the paper scraps...

I will be making some more with every letter to add to them...

k-1st  Equally Yoked  Measurement  Data Weight Scale Math

It was really fun for the 2 youngest to pull out the measuring tape and ruler and go to town measuring things & drawing lines!  

They felt so big like they were doing some really complicated math stuff:)

they also had fun using our homemade scale...alot of things got weighed and measured in our house!

 We have also been practicing our writing in our notebooks
My Hebrew Notebook Cover Page

 and have added our ancient letter flap book

 and accordion fold equally yoked flap book...

We are really looking forward to learning more ancient languages...
 my older boys wants to add  to the Egyptian & Hebrew
 - Ancient Sumerian, Greek, Babylonian, & Latin!

 Aren´t they aspiring linguists & archaeologists!

 We´ll see...I always want them to learn more, challenging them and making it interesting.

aleph bet paleo hebrew alphabet chart
 We´ve really enjoyed making things to go along with our curriculum, one fun project was making the Ancient Land of the Hebrews hidden letters & word pictures Drawing. 

 You can download it on the freebies page!  You will learn more than think:)

23 aleph bet learning cards ( ancient paleo hebrew & moder

Another favorite part has been our word pictures...I can´t help but look at Hebrew words now and analyze them and try to figure out their word pictures    ...who thought Ancient Hebrew would be so fun!

Equally Yoked  Activity for Notebook or  Lapbook & Matchin

If you´ve done any thing that you´ve enjoyed studying the ancients, Mesopotamia and / or Egypt I would love to hear about it...

I am selling these at my TPT store.  

If you would like to add these to your curriculum you can go there to purchase them or just click on the pictures above your interested in.  

 Don´t forget to go to my freebies page for those too! 

 I really wish I would have made these sooner...they would have been great for Shabbat School, Sunday School, and our Bible Studies too!  I hope you enjoy them as much as we have...

Many Blessings to you in your studies!  Baruchim Chaverim!

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