Monday, December 3, 2012

Learning Spanish

You may be asking like many people do, "How´s your Spanish", living in Central America and all...

Well good but it could be better would be my reply!

 You may not believe this but we have met people from other countries that have lived here in central america for 20+years and don´t know more than 20 words in Spanish!
 Unbelievable I know!

Well we decided a while ago that we wanted to learn the language of the people we live with and be able to communicate with them:) 
 So how do we do it you may be asking?

1. We try everyday to increase our vocabulary by at least one word...looking it up in a dictionary helps!

2. We use study helps to keep progressing...Spanish books teaching verb tenses, conjugation, etc.

3. Everyday we try to communicate with a native speaker and learn one new word, phrase, idiom, or slang:)

4. We use an online learning program - Rosetta Stone

As if that isn´t enough! 

  sometimes you need to write things down & think about it & quiz yourself to make sure your learning it that´s why I made these for us...

We NEED a fun way  to write  out our verb conjugations and vocabulary!  

Here´s what we´ve been doing

Two Spanish Conjugation Flapbooks/Lapbooks for Interactive Notebooks

These were made as a supplement to the Rosetta Stone Foreign language programs that we use.  This is a fun way to conjugate their new verbs helping them to compare & contrast different kinds of verbs:ar, er, and ir verbs. It is also a great way to compare and contrast the different tenses. 

I hope your students enjoy them as much as we did!
Hop on over to my store for more ideas here...

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