Friday, February 15, 2013

A Flash Back of our Week with a few FREEBIES!

Where has this week gone?  It sure did go by fast!

Here is what we did this week with the little K - Firsties:)

We have activity baskets to keep little hands and minds busy!  I change it up a lot but here are some snap shots of our activities this week.
This is our activity basket with numbers 1 - 8 on this side.
We then turn it around for numbers 9-16 on the other side.

 I created a little activity basket schedule with  numbers and Velcro.  This is the cute little Activity Basket number card to keep them on track.  They Velcro their number to their card when they are done with each basket.
This is what it looks like when they are done putting all their numbers on. 
( If you didn´t grab the numbers for free before you can grab them here  and here now for a free download.)

These cards are great because they help them learn number recognition and numerical order.

Our first Activity of the day was our  Spoon Literacy Pack. This is from  our Arctic Penguins unit.
If you haven´t seen these you can check them out here.  They are really fun especially if you decide to use plastic spoons:)
Next up a DIY cd craft - activity for Hebrew.
This was fun to put together ...all you need are brads, stickers, scissors, some cut up letters, and glitter foam!
 This is the  outside of the cd case after we decorated it.

 On the inside we added glitter and stickers and then wrote the cursive and block Hebrew letters in the hearts.  We also added a spinner!  We used this for Hebrew letter recognition for the little guys. For the older ones we used it for Hebrew block to cursive letter recognition and matching.

I used an old Hebrew workbook we had and cut up the letters. Then we played a matching game...matching Hebrew block letters to cursive... spin the spinner to see which letter you will match up!

 Here it is the completed DIY Hebrew letters Block to cursive game made out of a cd holder!
Then we did some domino math.

 I love domino manipulatives, don´t you?
Next in our baskets was some science fun with baking soda and colored vinegar.  Using the eyedropper to make the chemical reaction and then see the colored carbon dioxide bubbles was fun.

So much fun we had to take it outside to make a model volcano!

Success!  It worked:)
I love to see their amazement when they see this done the first time.  We´ve done this a lot with the older kids.  But, this was a first for the little guys and they really enjoyed it.  In fact we have no baking soda or vinegar left in the house now- lol!

Do you have a traveling classroom calendar?  We have one in English and Spanish!  

If you haven´t seen these in my store hop on over and pick one up.  Just click on the picture and go!   They are really pretty!

This is what we did with our calendar.  Since we have been traveling, I've made a calendar that is portable...In English, Spanish, & Hebrew  too!  It is an easy DIY  calendar.  When we are done I just fold it up and slip it behind the couch.  This is what ours looks like.

 I couldn´t find any poster board here!  So I settled for cardboard & painted it with gold spray paint!
We have a season match set I made to go with our calendar time.  It is in English & Spanish.

I made it  color coded to help with  matching the season either in Spanish and English.


A little bit more of a close up on our calendar...

I also added the moon phases to help us  understand the Ancient Biblical Lunar Calendar next to our Solar Gregorian calendar.

We also have the months of the year in English and Spanish.
 We use colorful paper clips to attach and review the months in both languages.

Almost everything has velcro so that it can be an interactive calendar for the kids.

Here we are matching the English month to the Spanish month.

Other things included in our activity boxes are our Writing Activities.
 We like to use  handwriting without tears along with  our student notebooks.  

I love to use Handwriting Without Tears for my K - Firsties.  We especially like the stamp & write
magnetic board for writing numbers.    Some days we will use chalk, some days magnets, some days writing with chubby pencils or crayons.  The variety makes it fun.  They also enjoy using the wooden letters.

I guess I've been in organization mode lately first the giveaway and now planning a Purim party...:)
So I made something versatile to help organize my party planning.  There is always an excuse to have a party, right?  Here's my newest release.

This freebie is attached to the download preview!  Hope you can use it too!

and for giveaways...

Talk to you soon:)

Now it´s your turn...How was your week?

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  1. Your blog is too cute!! I love it! I'm your newest follower. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is one cool blog! Can't wait to see what else you do.

    Diving Into 2nd Grade

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  4. Thank you all for stopping by:) I'm off to hop on over to your blogs...don't you love the weekend!

  5. Dinah, That looks like a handy basket system you have; I like the idea of the numbers velcro'd to a number card, when they are finished with each activity. It looks like some things they can do mostly on their own, and some they need you to help with. Like your phases of the moon added in to your calendar! We studied astronomy this year, otherwise I wouldn't think about those moon phases :)


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