Thursday, March 28, 2013

More Passover Freebies!

I hope you are having a wonderful Passover!
May you have a Blessed Passover Season!
We have been having fun making matzahs, eating macaroons, and now counting the omer!
I have a few more freebies for you this morning...


I added more numbers to my ribbon calendar for counting the omer
 - they go up to 112 and there is an extra blank page too! You can grab them here but hurry they are only free until Passover is over:)
 (If you need the whole calendar you can find it here)

This next one is part of the Passover lamb craftivity.  I made this sheet for practicing Hebrew in cursive and block Hebrew.

This is a Ancient Paleo Hebrew Poster ( or you can print it smaller for a card) with the meaning of Passover in Hebrew!

If you don't know a little about Paleo Hebrew let me explain a little of the background.
 Paleo Hebrew is the ancient Hebrew that goes back 1000's of years.  It is similar to the ancient hieroglyphics of Egypt in that all the letters have a picture meaning as well as a letter sound.  It is also similar to the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics in that there are root words with a ancient concept attached.  Here we have three Paleo Hebrew letters in the word Passover in Hebrew.  Hebrew reads left to right.  The first letter "Pey" makes a "p" sound but is also a picture of an opening or mouth.  The second letter "Samech" makes an " s" sound and is a picture of thorns or a hedge of protection.  The third letter "Chet" makes a back of the throat "ch" sound and is a picture of an entrance or doorway!  Now put all the meanings together to get a conceptual meaning of the word Pesach!   Enjoy:)

May you enter in to the place of protection and safety this Passover season through the blood of the lamb!

PS: Don't forget to grab your other freebies posted earlier this week before Passover is over!


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