Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted! What's your favorite part of your classroom?

It's that time again...

Let's Get Acquainted!!!!

Topic: My Classroom
We spend so much time in our classrooms.  It can be like a second home.  We will get acquainted today by sharing three(3) of our favorite areas in our classrooms.
In my case, as most traveling teachers and home school teachers may attest to, the world is my classroom!  (I'm working on freeing up some walls for a word wall, dry erase board, etc.  so stay tuned for pictures coming soon of our inside classroom:)
1.  Our Kitchen Table
At home most things take place at the kitchen table where we have had some memorable lessons...
Learning how to write and identify letters with a Big Brother...

Learning about atoms in chemistry class with cheese ball and toothpicks....

Learning about mixing colors in art class...

Memorizing multiplication tables in math class with colorful eggs...
2.  Outside 
We enjoy the many rainbows in the Volcanic Highlands of Panama.
 Making our own volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar in the back yard.
We observed and identified a flame colored tanager that flew in our window one morning on our outside porch.
We enjoy  parkour for  P.E. at the local park with friends.
We are learning about the geology of Panama right outside on our main road as they are building a bigger Highway!
3.  Field Trips
Another Favorite...not necessarily in this order!
Local rock formations explored on the road to Bajo Mono, Panama

Plant identification for Botany (Wild Rasberry family) on an Nature Walk.

 Local indigenous art  replicas found in a local store.
The real deal -Petroglyphs on the Cafe Ruiz Road!!
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  1. Hi Dinah, Mary from Linked In.

    My favorite homeschool place is the sofa in our living room. We have years and years of memories there. It's been where we read exciting stories, drill the necessaries, and snuggle when we're down. It's where we take a break from our desks and the dining room table.

    Every class is more special when we're all together!


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