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America's Great Depression - A Review & Giveaway!

The Great Depression a Review & Giveaway!

We recently completed this notebook study of America's Great Depression. We followed the planning guide that's included in the unit, completing it in ten days.

I used this for a 10 day mini-study on the great depression for three of my children (ages 11-14). It was super easy to use and get started on (love that:)! First I printed it out in booklet form and divided the reading portions into 10 days.

Here is a picture of the historical reading portion:

I just printed out one of these and had the kids highlight the important information.

Each child had their own response booklet to the reading. This way I could check their reading comprehension and answer any questions that came up. Everyday they did their reading for that day and filled in the appropriate section of responses in their booklet.

The information was presented in short chunks that made it easily understandable  The visual pictures also made the reading very interesting.

In addition to writing responses they also added new words to their vocabulary section on the front page of their interactive notebook ( or booklet).

Each section was nicely broken up so that the kids didn't feel like they were just answering questions.  It was broken up in such a way to make it digestible for young learners.

Each day was appropriately connected to each reading section. The kids were able to independently work through their reading portion and response section without much help from me.

The children also added to the timeline section daily. I liked that this was included. Using a timeline of events helped them to understand the sequence of events during the great depression.

As you can see each page has a very nice layout that is visually appealing!

These Note Packs are a great way of notebooking your way through The great Depression. I think this would make a wonderful addition to any classroom. This pack makes learning history fun and interesting for the students AND the teacher!

Here is a little more information about this unit from In the Hands of a child website:

 With this unit study you will be able to teach your 6th-10th grade classroom about America's Great Depression (1929-1941). The Great Depression in the United States was a time of extreme financial crisis. It began in 1929 and lasted until 1941, affecting both the rich and the poor. Teach your students about what led up to the Great Depression, the Great Crash, life in the Great Depression, famous people, the New Deal, and recovery. 

Make your lesson planning easy with the America's Great Depression (1929-1941) Curriculum from In the Hands of a Child.

 This pack includes a 10-day Planning Guide, Related Reading and Bibliography, 21 Hands-on Activities PLUS 5 Extension Activities, a 16-page Research Guide, Timeline, and an Answer Key.

We ended our unit study of America's Great Depression with this fun movie:)

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken is a 1991 film that takes place during the great depression. It is the life story of  Sonora Webster Carver, who was known as a diving horse rider. 

It added a little more history to our knowledge of The Great Depression and gave the kids a visual setting to put all of their information into.

Now on to the Giveaway! 

Hands of a child has agreed to give a copy of the same unit to one winner! The winner has a choice of either a lapbook or Note Pack format!

I would love to hear your experiences studying the great depression and any great resources you have used!

 Please leave a comment below (it's counted as an entry:) and don't forget to enter the giveaway to win a copy for your classroom!

(You have just read my honest review that was exchanged for a free copy of this unit.)

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  1. I have not every really studied the Great Depression (other than watching the Walton's and whatever they told us in school), but this looks awesome! I would love to add it to my collection of homeschooling books (not to mention read over it myself).

  2. all of this is quite interesting, never seen the movie before, think I'm going to do this soon!

  3. This is an excellent study of the Depression! Great job! Did you find any similarities with what we are experiencing in the world today?

  4. We haven't studied the great depression yet, but I love HOAC resources!

  5. We'll be studying the Great Depression in history this coming fall(9th grade.) So far I am planning to talk about the WPA, Dorothea Lange's photography, and read Out of the Dust. This lapbook would be a wonderful resource for us! SoCalLynn

  6. can't wait to try it out

  7. We haven't studied the Great Depression formally yet - but we've read the American Girl books about it!

  8. I introduced the Great Depression to my kids this past year. We read some of the American Girl books with Kit Kitridge and watched the movie. We compared the prices of items in the great depression to the prices of today and it really got my kids interested. We also got an awesome book at the library that showed pictures of kids during the great depression and this sparked many in depth conversations around our studies. We need to revisit this era at the beginning of the year as we only scratched the surface. My kids are all hands on learners so we lapbook and notebook all the time. Love the notebook pack you used.

  9. I remember hearing stories about the Great Depression from my mom and grandmother. It was never really a problem for them as they lived on a farm and grew their own food. Still, I find the stories fascinating! Thanks for linking up to "Making Your Home Sing Monday!"

  10. Great review-this really looks wonderful adn I would love to have it for our home school library! I would enjoy learning just as much as they would, and my husband is the history buff so it's really just a great addition for all of us! Also-new to your blog, found it on the Hiphomeschol blog and wow-what a journey yall are living! I look forward to more posts!
    Jennifer Whitten


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