Monday, August 26, 2013

Free Jewish Feast of Trumpets - Yom Teruah Printables

Shalom Chavarim (Hello friends)

As the Fall Jewish High Holy Days are approaching we are busily getting prepared.  Our last big season was in the Spring with the Spring Feasts, so we have had a little break.  Now the Biblical 7th Month is approaching and it is time to prepare for the sound of the Shofar!

 What are we doing differently?  Well cleaning, planning meals, and fun activities - oi vey - I have got a lot to do!

I just wanted to pop in here on the blog and share some freebies with all of you to help you prepare and teach your
little ones too! You know how I  love to give freebies, so I thought these flash freebies
would be appropriate to be  for FREE.....   until the sound of the first Shofar blast (teruah) of the season!

When is that?  Well... at the beginning of the 7th month!  I'll give you a hint how you know when that is ....look at the moon:)  (or you can look at your calendar:)

 Something nice to do for family and friends during this time of year is to send them a card!  So here you go - Fun Cards for you to personalize!

 Another thing you can do during this time of year is give a gift.  Some people like to give money but this year we are giving personalized pens with their name inscribed on them.  Then we are going to put these fun labels on them!  (You could use pencils or pens)  There are more than a few styles and sizes to pick from and even a bigger label to put on the holder of all your beautiful pens & pencils when you are done!

Last but not least an interactive notebook for Yom Teruah!  I made this with all my kids in mind (ages 4-14), so you will find coloring sheets, writing prompts, and other fun stuff.  You pick what is age appropriate for your little guys!

So there you go all kinds of fun stuff to help get you prepared for this awesome holiday!  (The Fall Feast Cards, Greeting Cards, pencil toppers, and notebook printables can be found by clicking on the above pictures)
May your name be inscribed in God's book and may you be sealed for all eternity!


Please share your thoughts! I would love to hear from you:)

Welcome! Bienvendidos! Shalom! from our family here in Panama to yours...

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