Friday, September 13, 2013

5 For Friday Freebies and a Petroglyph Family Friendly Field Trip (Panama)

1. Petroglyphs!

This last week we went on a fun field 

trip to Nancito, Panama and other 

hidden but local petroglyph sites - The 

kids had loads of fun!  Petroglyphs in

Panama are a common occurrence

Anthropologists don't exactly understand 

their meaning but some have a 

lunar/solar calendar significance.  Others

appear to be types of road signs to 

passing travelers...

We set up a petroglyph station after our

field trips where the kids... 

a: found a soft rock & cleaned it at a

washing station

b: carved a petroglyph style design 

that they learned about or just 

something unique...

c. colored it with chalk pastels!

Eating Healthy local 
 Finally to end a wonderful day we 
enjoyed our local fruits and learned 
about all the health benefits...

Maracuya Apple Beat Juice Recipe:

1 Maracuya seeds scooped out into a glass
3 Juiced Sweet Apples
1 juiced beat
Stir & serve over ice 

I also finished up and bundled a new set
 of I Spy Sight words this week.  If you 
would like to check them out just click
 on any of the pictures:)

3.  I have also been getting
 ready for the Facebook
 Frenzy that's Coming Soon!

Photo: Are you EXCITED??? Just one more week and the FB Freebie Hop begins!!!  I can't wait to debut my 'apple'-tastic freebie!!!!! 
You can get ready by Liking  my fb 
page now & grabbing this Freebie, (I have 
a great fb frenzy freebie planned - it's
 so hard to wait to share it with you
 all!) I will be keeping you posted:)...

4. New PanamaArt 

Artist's interpretation:  "a little girl wearing the chaquira"

 These are so cute...need I say more...and 

we custom make them with the colors

 you want!

 5.  5 For Friday Freebie

Free Shofar Clip Art

Just in time for the Jewish High Holy 
Days!  We have been celebrating the 7 
month on the Biblical Calendar = Jewish
 High Holidays

Yom Teruah is passed, the 
shofar announcement has been made and
 now we are counting 10 days until Yom
Kippur ( a fasting day of repentance to 
God as individuals, families, and as a 
nation)  This is a pen & pencil basket of 
gifts we made for our family & 
friends...along with our Yom Teruah 
notebook Bible study - you can make 
them to0! Click here and here for more

The shofar is a very important part of 
every Jewish holiday. So I thought I 
would leave you with these freebies 
today; a shofar craftivity and clip art 
- enjoy!

Just click on the picture for the 


  You can right click and save the 

shofars below-don't forget to give credit

back to Thetravelingclassroom when

you use them! enjoy:)

Join in the fun below:)

 Cute Chevron Numbers Clip Art by Blair Turner
Cute Frames by Dots of Fun


  1. Stopping by from Make My Saturday Sweet Blog hop! That trip looks like so much fun! I have never heard of petroglyphs before but they look really neat!
    --Michelle @ The MaMade Diaries (

  2. I'm downloading your Shofar craftivity! Although we are Roman Catholic, my husband's family is Jewish so we try to commemorate their holidays in a special way to remember our ancestors. L'Shana Tovah to you and your family!

    Visiting from Make My Saturday Sweet! I'd love for you to come and share all of these goodies at my weekly Pinterest Party -

  3. What fun! I would love to have you link up with Field Trip Friday!

  4. Great collection! Thanks for sharing your freebies with Afterschool!

  5. You certainly packed a lot into one post. Well done to the fun field trip and your sight words print-outs. You've obviously been very busy! Thanks for linking on Amanda's Books and More. God bless!

  6. Wishing My Three Sons were little again! Such a fun post!

  7. Thanks for linking up with Field Trip Friday! What an amazing and educational outing! :-)


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