Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Boquete Tree Trek -A Family Friendly Field Trip to Palo Alto, Panama!

This past week has flown by, BUT we have managed to get in a fun field trip!

Although we live in a somewhat small area here in Panama, there are many new places we still need to explore! We were able to explore a little bit of Palo Alto this past week.

This is the entrada or entrance road up a mountain, to a pueblito, called Palo Alto. The road ends at a tourist stop called Boquete Tree Trek - see the little sign on the right? ( Little signs are what you have to look out for, when driving in Panama.) The men in this picture are sitting inside of a parada or bus stop.

  It was a beautiful drive, straight up the mountain, with breath taking views of the valley of Boquete below. There were many awesome trees and flowers to enjoy as we traveled about a half an hour up the road. We even stopped to pick some wild strawberries!

  When we arrived in Palo Alto, we were pleasantly surprised to see a landscaped area, complete with; an up-scale restaurant, cabinas, and trails! We didn't linger long in the restaurant because we couldn't wait to hit the trail!

  The head of the trail wound through a beautiful coffee finca (farm). There were many geisha coffee plants labeled with signs! We even found a few ripe coffee berries to munch on!

   Farther down the path we found beautiful plants, flowers, and a little river.  The butterfly, in the center of the photo below, was the highlight of my trip! Such a beautiful creation with translucent wings...I wish the photo could capture the beauty of it's see through wings! We then headed back across a bridge, that was somewhat of an adrenaline rush. (I think the fear factor was that you could see the river below through the fencing:)

     We ended our day at the playground. Boquete tree trek also provides zip line tours as the name implies... we did not venture to explore them on this trip, but we will definitely be returning to this tranquilo (peaceful) place soon - Maybe we will see you there- on the zip line!

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  1. Your kids are learning SO much! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us at After School.

  2. Everyone is smiling and enjoying themselves in all the photos. I love the foot bridge. Thanks for linking on Amanda's Books and More!

  3. What a beautiful family and what a wonderful way to spend time together. Featuring at Family Fun Friday. :-) Monica


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