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My first assignment with the Schoolhouse Review Crew is to  become reacquainted with and  their yearly membership option .  The first time I looked at the website I didn't realize what it was.  As I explored the website, I was pleasantly surprised by the family learning options available.  I keep wondering,  "How in the world did I miss this valuable resource?"  This is just one of those affordable resources that you don't want to pass up.

As soon as I logged into the website I found some unique electives my children had been asking for.   Here at Thetravelingclassroom, we love to take pictures!  My 15 year old has been asking for photography lessons.  Immediately we found  a beginning photography class.  He is already working through the two weeks of lessons and we are both learning a whole bunch about photography.  Photography  Lesson 1 consisted of a quick analogy lesson with homework.  The homework was to read the camera's user manual and take a few pictures in auto mode.  Lesson 2  was also a quick lesson on aperture with some more picture taking homework.  Below is an example of the homework for Lesson 2, see if you can tell the difference.

Which do you prefer?  (One draws your focus more to the flowers than to the leaves)

These photography lessons have been very easy to understand and learn from.  My son is already asking for the next lesson.

What is it?: is an online resource specifically geared toward helping home education classrooms.  They offer a variety of teaching styles including lapbooks, Charlotte Mason, Classical, Christian curriculum, and Unit Studies.   Their website has resources such as student classes, videos, lesson plans, on-line record keeping, curriculum planning forms, e-books, and audio presentations from homeschool speakers.  They also offer family discounts on curriculum with your purchase.   It is almost as if they have brought the home school convention to your doorstep.

Who is it for:  There are tools and curriculum available for  PreK - High School.

Cost for membership:   The cost is $3 for the first month and then $12.95 for each additional month.  They also have a special discounted  price for the yearly membership option - $139.  The annual membership includes the Gold membership to applecore on-line record keeping.

What you get

Over 50 courses:  The courses are presented in audio, video, and PDF formats.  There is a broad list of core subjects and electives:  Art/Drama, Computer/Technology, Electives, Foreign Languages, History, Geography, Social Studies, Math, Music/Voice Reading, Writing, Spelling, Science/Nutrition, Special Needs, Just for Parents, and Extra Resources for Members. Silver Membership:  You receive:  Course Tracker, Grade Reporting, Report Cards, Portfolio, and Attendance on-line record keeping tools.  You can purchase the gold membership for an additional $10 for the year to have access to all of their tools (all of the above plus Scheduler and Transcripts).    

Certificates Gallery:   There is an area for members to download a wide variety of certificates of accomplishment: from tying shoes to mastering multiplication skills.  Here is a cute one we used:)

Course Checklists:   There are course checklists available for daily progress and skills learned for the whole family.  There is a list for elementary, middle school, and high school.  As I was looking through the website I made a yearly overview  organizer.  These are subjects that I would like to explore with my children.

If this is something you are considering for your family you can use this checklist also. You can  download a blank copy here to take with you over to their website.  While you are there you can jot down a few notes of subjects that might be helpful for your family.

And So Much More:  There is so much more I have yet to explore on their website.  That is why I made the above organizer.  There is no way we could explore all of the subjects covered in one month.

Review Summary

Pros:  I really like all the options available and resources for the price.  There are many subjects to explore through a variety of teaching methods.   It is an amazing resource for families with multiple children at different age levels and interests.  There really seems to be something for everyone, including teachers.

Cons:  The site isn't very user friendly.  My kids became bored quickly while looking at the website.   Although there are great number of resources available to them, they were unable to appreciate it because it didn't capture their attention.  The teacher needs to sift through the material to find what is appropriate for their students and then present it to them in a meaningful way.  Because I am very visual person this website didn't really present itself for what it really offers at first glance.   I am glad I was able to participate in this review to experience what it really has to offer.

Have you found anything in this resource that might interest you?  Why would you or would you not choose this product in your homeschooling?  Please share any thoughts you might have in the comments section below.  You can also read more reviews here:

Thank you for traveling with Thetravelingclassroom ... I hope you found this review helpful:)

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  1. Thanks for sharing your review! My daughter did the photography course too and is having a blast.

    1. That's awesome will be fun to see how their photography skills develop:)

  2. We are looking at the photography course also. It looks fun! I have found that if I put the links in Evernote for my son, he goes down his list of things to do and doesn't get to bored or lost trying to figure it out :-)

    1. That's interesting Amanda. I am not familiar with Evernote...I will have to look into that one:)

  3. I think the site was a bit hard to navigate too but quickly got over that once I figured it all out and realized the amount of amazing content on there. :D

  4. That is so true Lisa! I keep finding more resources:)

  5. I love those flowers from you photography class :-) I might just take the class myself when the kids do too. Thank you for your great review.!

  6. Thanks Jill...I know I will learn a lot in the photography class too!

  7. These are excellent pieces of information! I am really very glad to have learned of this curriculum. My son also loves to take some pictures and I will let him check out on this if he would like to have this photography lesson. Moreover, the pictures you have shared above were nice and I can say that the second picture which is not on an auto mode is nicer than the first one. Great job on this! -://


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