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Progeny Press - Anne of Green Gables Study Guide - TOS Review

The Anne of Green Gables Study Guide from Progeny Press in a 69 page document that can easily be used and retails for $18.99.  I was given the the "E-guide" for the purpose of this review, that can be downloaded immediately and used in your PDF reader.  After you open it in your PDF reader it becomes "interactive" by the student being able to input their answers right into the document.  There are blue text boxes included in the document where students can record their answers.

All of the literature guides offered by Progeny Press are available in three versions:  a physical book, a PDF e-book on CD, and a PDF "E-guide" for immediate download.
Anne of Green Gables unit study guide for literature, from a Christian perspective
Although this specific study guide is recommended for middle school students (grades 5-8)  I think high school students would benefit from this as well.  The study guide is very comprehensive including a novel synopsis, information about the author, and pre-reading activities.   There are six sections, 4-9 chapters in each, that touch on  vocabulary, questions, thinking about the story, digging deeper, and optional activities.   Finally the study guide also includes supplemental resources and an answer key.

 Below is a brief summary of each of the Chapter Sections.  Each chapter section includes the following components.

Vocabulary:  Shows the word in context of the story and asks students to write what they think the definition is.  There is then an area for the student to record the dictionary definition.  They can compare their answers to the dictionary answer to see if they are correct in their assumption.  In some instances there is also an area available for the student to write a sentence for each of the vocabulary words, matching words to definitions, and matching vocabulary words to antonyms.

Questions:  Here the student will find questions about the development of each of the characters as well as questions about the story's plot.  Since Progeny Press is a Christian publisher, the student will also find questions relating to the Bible, prayer, and the character's spirituality.

Thinking About the Story:  Here the student will find literary topics to explore and give examples of from the text.  Some literary termonology included are; allusion, optimism, adjectives, simile, synonym, foreshadowing, and personification.

Digging Deeper:  Included here the student will encounter questions comparing and contrasting different elements of the story, scriptural references, and asking for the student's opinion about the character's actions in the story.

Optional Activities:  These activities include writing additional paragraphs, discussions, and participating in activities similar to the ones found in the story (ie, picnics, visiting an exhibition, writing a eulogy, drama, poetry recital, nature journal, etc.).

Supplemental Resources:  Includes website links to the Anne of Green Gables society, museum, audio books, other books of interest, and videos.

Answer Key:  The answer key includes answers to everything in the study guide and is 8 pages long.

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Confession:  I personally was not introduced to Anne until I was in college. I know, how did that happen - right??  With the whole series at my finger tips....I did all nighters to finish the series.  I loved them:)  When was the first time you encountered Anne of Green Gables?  Did you read the books or watch the movies first?  Do you think a study guide like this would be helpful to your students?  Please share in the comments below.

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