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Unit Studies Bundle

Weather on the Move Unit Study - $17.00 Value

Students discover the extraordinary intricacies of God's amazing weather machine as they observe and record the weather around them, grow crystals, conduct simple science experiments, track hurricanes, and so much more with Weather on the Move.

This is a FUN, NO PREP, 7-week unit study appropriate for grades 2-12. You will assemble and maintain a weather journal while exploring meteorology, observe and record weather data, try your hand at weather forecasting, track hurricanes, conduct simple weather related experiments, construct and utilize simple weather instruments and much more!

Do you have a Boy Scout in your family? He will fulfill the majority of his Weather Merit Badge requirements while completing Weather on the Move with the rest of his family. American Heritage Girls fulfill the majority of their Young Meteorologist Badge requirements.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Homeschool Legacy

Delightful Planning: A Unit Study Planner for Every Homeschool - $15.95 Value

Delightful Planning: A Unit Study Planner for Every Homeschool is designed to assist you as a homeschool mom with creating unit studies no matter what homeschool method you prefer. Excite your students with fun and interesting unit studies every day, once a week, or for summer fun -- whatever works best for your family!

Delightful Planning is flexible, containing the tools you need to make planning unit studies simple and effective with our step-by-step instructions and useful planning pages. Delightful Planning is truly the unit study planner for EVERY homeschool!

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Marcy Crabtree

Revolutionary Ideas: The Story of the American Revolution - Retail $17.00

This is a FUN, NO PREP, 7-week unit study appropriate for grades 2-12. Choose from a wide variety of quality, library reading selections that focus on the French and Indian War, classic literature, colonial life, revolutionary heroes, battles and events, the Declaration of Independence and its signers, our Founding Fathers, the turning point in the war, and our march to victory.

Your students will create and maintain a history timeline notebook and explore significant world events leading up to the Revolutionary War, including the French and Indian War. Watch great documentaries, and explore fine art while getting to know some famous revolutionary artists.

Children will examine King George’s many intolerable acts, get to know our Founding Fathers and other amazing leaders of the time, as well as learn about the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party and the Treaty of Paris.

Included are creative writing assignments, geography study, and so much more! There are so many exciting things your children will study during this unit study; this is just a partial list.

Do you have a Boy Scout in your family? He will fulfill the majority of his American Heritage Merit Badge requirements while completing Revolutionary Ideas with the rest of his family. American Heritage Girls earn half the requirements for Dawn of Our Country badge.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Homeschool Legacy

"Any Novel" Novel Study Guide - Retail $14.95

Do you spend a small fortune on novel study guides for each novel your child reads? Or does your child read a novel, but you never know if he or she really gets anything out of them?

The truth is you don't need to purchase expensive guides for each novel! Your student can learn MORE about how a novel is structured and MORE about the individual novel by using this generic study. It teaches how to:
  • Analyze a novel
  • Analyze characters
  • Find the theme
  • And chart the plot
It doesn't replace specific novel studies - it's superior! What Does the Any Novel Novel Study Guide Include?
  • Chapter by Chapter Exercises
  • Vocabulary
  • Theme Sheets
  • Step-by-Step guides to analyzing Themes, Plots and Characters
  • Weekly Projects
  • Maps, charts, and graphs
  • Timelines and diagrams
  • And other activities that use different parts of the brain!
  • All to be completed in a four-week cycle! Analyze eight novels a year easily using this study guide!
Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Sheila Wray Gregoire

See The Light: Sunflower Unit Study - Retail $9.99

A Dynamic Unit Study Built Around the SUNFLOWERS Art Projects DVD (sold separately, but not a necessary component.)

Contains everything the busy home educator needs to have a well-rounded, comprehensive plan for an entire month! With SUNFLOWERS Art Project at the core, this unit study-guide provides integrated instruction in many disciplines for the student ages 10 and up - and can be tailored with more challenging research assignments for the high-schooler.

Components of the SUNFLOWERS UNIT STUDY:
  • Bible
  • Science
  • Literature
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing
  • Social Studies(History and Geography)
  • Math
  • Art History/Art Appreciation
  • Music
  • Foreign Language
SUNFLOWERS UNIT STUDY also includes a "Week at a Glance Plan" as well as the daily plan. There are Internet links and suggested reading lists.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: See The Light

We the People: Getting to Know Your Constitution - Retail $17.00

Discover America’s Christian heritage with this thought provoking unit study. Walk beside the Founders as they explain in their own words their Christian beliefs and hopes for our nation with We the People: Getting to Know Your Constitution.

Choose from a wide variety of quality, library reading selections that focus on the Founding Fathers, classic literature, the Constitution, our Bill of Rights, the three branches of government, the voting process, the amendments, and our national symbols.

Your high schoolers will walk beside the Founding Fathers as they tell you in their own words their Christian beliefs and hopes for our nation. They will also discover our first form of government as they examine the Articles of Confederation.

They will read and analyze the United States Constitution, memorize the Bill of Rights while playing a game, discover the branches of government and the roles each were designed to perform, learn about our system of checks and balances, and examine the requirements and oaths of office for each branch.

Students will compare current events with the boundaries established by the Constitution, study the voting process, explore geography while learning about the Electoral College, discover the amendment process as you learn about the twenty-seven amendments, enjoy creative writing assignments, watch great documentaries, and MUCH MORE!

This is a great compliment to the other resources in this bundle!

Do you have a Boy Scout in your family? He will earn his Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge while completing We the People: Getting to Know Your Constitution with the rest of his family. American Heritage Girls earn requirements for both Citizenship and Government and Our Flag badges.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Homeschool Legacy

You Can Make Your Own Unit Study Using Charlotte Mason Methods - Retail $29.95

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Charlotte Mason methods and how to use them in a practical manner in your homeschool? Have you been attracted to the idea of unit studies, but don’t know how to get started planning your own unit study around a topic of your choosing? Do you like the idea of following a unit study, but wish to combine Charlotte Mason methods like using "living books", "narration", "dictation", and "copywork?" This training will help you accomplish all of this!

Here's what you get in the Audio Seminar Set!
  • 9 MP3 Audio files (approximately 30 minutes each)
  • Handouts and Notes to accompany each workshop session
  • Sample and Blank Unit Study Brainstorming sheets, Subject Area and Goal Planning sheets, and Lesson Planning forms
  • Powerpoint slide shows to accompany workshop sessions to highlight the main points discussed in each session
Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Katie's Homeschool Cottage

Foes, Fiends, and Failures: A Study of the Bad Guys of Pilgrim's Progress - Retail $7.49

Foes, Fiends, and Failures is a study for teens that focuses on the most memorable villains of Pilgrim’s Progress. Bunyan had a knack for creating memorable characters, and in this story we meet many devilish, deceptive, and dangerous characters on our way to the Celestial City. From the battle with the demonic creature Apollyon to the trial at Vanity Fair to the dark dungeons of the Giant Despair, teens will be given an in depth understanding of these and other villains and their relevance to our lives today.

What this study guide includes:
  • A brief introduction to the book itself
  • A brief biography of the author, John Bunyan
  • 13 lessons, each providing detailed outlines and character sketches
  • Reading assignments for each lesson
  • A list of Scriptures to explore with each lesson
  • A list of application questions for each lesson
Don't own a copy of Pilgrim’s Progress? Don’t worry.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library provides Pilgrim's Progress for free online.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Intoxicated on Life

Book Traveler: China - Retail $5.99

Book Traveler: China is an ebook devoted to the study of our world, for children in grades K – 4th. They will learn hands-on about the history and culture of the Chinese people, the geography of China, read about the animals that are native to the country, and much more!

If you are a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, this would be the perfect study for China, because it has many of its methods. If you are not a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, don’t worry! This ebook is perfect for all school types, methods, and is great for students of all learning styles.

This unit study includes: book lists, narrations, copywork & dictations, vocabulary, geography, nature study, history & landmarks, math, art & music, and games & activities.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Beyond the Inspiration

Our American Government and the Election Process Grades 2-5: Lapbook with Study Guide - Retail $8.00

Our American Government and the Election Process Lapbook with Study Guide has everything your student needs to understand the election process, voting and so much more! It makes the complicated process of elections seem easy as it is written with the child in mind. Every booklet in this lapbook has an information page with all the information needed to easily complete the booklets.

Includes graphic and color coded directions on how to construct your file folders into a lapbook, how to put together each booklet and where to put them in your lapbook. This lapbook is 3 folders big!

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: A Journey Through Learning | read more about this product

Cricket Unit and Nature Study - Retail $2.50

This unit study will help your children learn a bit about crickets and gain a little more interest in some of God’s creation. They will learn the parts of the cricket, habitat, what they eat, and more. When your children bring you a cricket grab these pages and turn it into a learning experience.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Betty Eisenhour

Dolphin Unit Study - Retail $8.00

The Dolphin Unit study is a 68 page study with bible, science, history, language arts with creative writing, phonics, spelling & vocabulary. Learn about dolphins in ancient Greece and enjoy a geography study of that area. Writing prompts, and hands on creative activities are built right in to this unit. There is a 3 day lesson plan for multiple ages which can be spread out over the week or used once per week for a month.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Wildlife Adventures

Pirates - Retail $21.00

Arrr, matey! Have you found yourself caught up in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" frenzy? Would your child be thrilled to be able to study about pirates? How about learning about pirates and then having a great project to show others when he's finished? If you answered AYE to any or all of those questions, you need our Pirates Learn 'N Folder ™ ! Your child will learn about famous pirates, where pirates operated and when, how pirates did their business, and much more.

This Learn 'N Folder ™ is made up of 36 mini-books that fill 3 folders.

Go to this Bundle | Publisher: Live and Learn Press

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