Friday, January 4, 2013

A Beautiful Day in the Volcanic Highlands of Panama

Today it was wonderfully beautiful and breezy outside.  The sun was shining, the mountains green
with beautiful plants, and the sky a clear techilet blue: (eternal blue:)

 So what did we do? Yes you guessed it!

A day to take care of me (the mommy) so I can take care of them (the family):)

We (my teenager and I) went for a hike down into the canyon, to see waterfalls, river stones, moss, and
lichens.  There is an entrance by the restaurant in Los Establos, Boquete, Panama if you are ever in the
area and want to take the challenge!

It was an amazing hike straight down!  A little dangerous at times if you venture to close to the edge!
This hike is definitely not a kid friendly field trip!!

 But on the way down there was beautiful orchid plants and trees. The sound of rushing water could be heard louder and louder as we walked further down.  The brave teenager took a dip in the ice cool water while I just dipped my feet in:)  We enjoyed it down there for about a half an hour exploring, listening to the quiet in the wild wilderness, and looking at the wildlife.  When my feet got too cold in the water we decided to head back up!
Coming up was quite an effort also:) My thoughtful son found me a walking stick and off we went to climb straight back up...there was a rope to help pull yourself up on though!  Huffing and Puffing I made it up once more
to the breathtaking views of what I call the "Boquete Grand Canyon".  I haven´t found out the official name but when I do, I´ll add it here -!  We signed out at the desk in the restaurant.  (We had to sign a waver that
said we wouldn´t hold them responsible if anything happened to us!!!)  Very thankful to YHVH that nothing did:)
It really wasn´t that bad if you were safe about it.   Sorry no photos was a flash hike and we
forgot the camera...until next time!

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  1. Thanks for the freebie Fern! We work on money all year - it really takes some 2nd graders a long time to learn money!

  2. I found your blog through Mrs. Kelly's Klass' Giveaway. What an amazing adventure your family is having. I love learning about other parts of the world. Thank you for sharing! Maria


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