Sunday, January 6, 2013

Arctic Penguin Spoons Literacy Unit and Writing Activity Centers!

"Let´s Play Spoons!"

I´m an so excited to be using these with my emergent readers!   We´ve used the spoons a little bit in the past for number recognition, playing games like Go Fish & Matching, so I knew this would be a hit!  As I was putting this all together I just "happened" - well I think it was God´s providence :)- to come across this clip art by Richi with the pretty penguins and their little tummy´s - perfect for spoons!  Thanks again Richi:)
 Richi is having a linky party with these little guys where you can find more penguin activities here.

The very first day my little 4 year old used these she started blending words for the first time!
She was so excited she knew she had accomplished something really big. She said; "I´m a big girl now, I can read!"  How right she is, she has definitely hit a milestone in her little life...Isn´t it exciting to see a child get excited about reading??? - I love it:)  We will be using this for the next few weeks, and who knows maybe 
I´ll have to create more:)   
 Let me show you what we did...

First we made our spoons for the Activity...

You could use color permanent markers, but I liked the color coding stickers with the Upper Case and Lower Case letters better.  I don´t know what stickers you have available but all I could find here were the Crayola ReStick ´ems stickers. (I was so glad I found those, it took me alot of searching!) I had to add a spot of hot glue on top because they kept slipping off!  Now they are on for good.

 We also used the clear spoons with colored spoons because the kids could match those together and attach with a little hair rubber band.  This was a hit!  It was a whole day activity just matching letters - and they 
didn´t get bored with it either:) Yea!

The next day we identified the Upper Case and Lower Case Alphabet Letters on our penguin mat and put our spoons in the right place. (You could probably use these mats without the spoons, but honestly the spoons are soooo much fun you definitely want to use them IMHO:)

Then we used a dry erase marker on our laminated mats to practice writing and sounding out the word cat.  

We then located all our C spoons and matched them up...

and then added it to our word family at the bottom to form a word and blend "CAT" together!

We did the same for b, for "BAT" , P for "PAT", and then sp for "SPAT" - and that´s when the light came on!  She wanted to try ALL the letters! we had fun forming lots of words & READING!!:)

We then printed out our worksheet and filled in all the letters we used to make different words...
And here is one for you too:)
I´d love to hear how it works out for you and your activities with spoons:)
Thanks for stopping by...more to come as we progress in reading!
Be on the lookout for spoon clip-art coming soon:)
Find the whole unit here.

I´m giving away my math unit at the giveaway below...Be sure to go check it out:)!


  1. I grabbed your blog button. Thanks so much for participating in my link. I absolutely love what you did with the penguins. The spoons game is wonderful and so creative!

  2. thank you Richi:) glad you like it!


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