Friday, February 8, 2013


Purim is a fun Jewish Holiday just like Hannukah but better!  ( ok a little of bias is coming through)  It´s celebrated in the Spring.

First of all I love the cookies:)

and yelling "Boo" at everyone who says "Haman" and "Yay" at everyone who says "Esther" or "Mordecai" AND making LOTS of noise with groggers only during the story telling of course:)

...and Dressing up like a Queen for the day...

and all the fun and games:)

What are you doing for Purim this year?  Have you celebrated it before?  It´s not just a Jewish thing you know....It´s a historical event!!

This is where the setting is, in the city of ancient Susa, Persia ( Iran today)

This is where the Ancient Persian Kings are burried in Iran today...

tombs of the persian kings!
tomb of Ester´s husband, the king of Persia!

This is the tomb of King Xerxes of the Medo-Persians in Iran circa 486 BC (Queen Esher´s husband - Achoshverosh)

  Based on the book of Esther in the Bible or the Megillah in Hebrew this fun holiday retells history:)

 Have you seen the Purim movie?  It´s pretty romantic...not to kid friendly IMHO

And here are our Spoon Puppets...the cast of characters...

We are getting ready for our Purim Party coming up in a few weeks.
We made some cute spoon puppets from spoons...pinterest inspired!

We are planning on doing a puppet show with them:)

 For the last three weeks we have been  participating in a community Readers Theater class let by Dr. Bear here in Boquete.  We are so thankful to have her here in Panama!  The kids really had fun.  Our homework assignment was to do our own family or group Readers Theater presentation!

Everyone did really well.  We captured the whole thing on video but I have yet to figure out how to share it here - stay tuned:)  This is how my newest creation was born:)

 Everything You Need To Have a Purim Reader´s Theater!

A little bit from our Readers Theater

hope you can see the video:)
See the video here on YouTube! Follow me on YouTube!

You can see more here on my Pinterest board...Enjoy!

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