Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow in Panama!

Snow in Panama???
Did we really have snow here? Well the kids thought so...they tossed cotton snowballs & had a snowball fight!!!

This is how it looked when we set it up...we had some cheese balls, Quaker fish cereal, little plastic balls, some REAL money, AND cotton ball snow:)

 Some of my boys have always been a challenge to get motivated to sit, write, and do school work!  This was a big hit!  He sat, he counted, he ate, and he learned about money.

Snowballs at .10 cents a piece! Yes, we use American money here.  The only difference is that the money is usually called "Balboas" instead of dollars and the coins are "centavos" instead of a penny, nickel, and dime!  We also have a few extra Panamanian coins added to the mix:)

Next we reviewed using tally marks... and then added it all up to see how much we had to pay for all those snow balls we used:)

We also fed fish to a penguin and apples (and cheese balls) to a reindeer:)

 We had so much fun using these they were asking for I made more:)

Now the bigger kids want to have a snowball fight and toss snowballs:) 
 What´s a teacher-mom to do?

You may be seeing some math centers for older kids soon-lol

I love it when they enjoy learning and ask for more...It makes teaching so much easier!!!

If these look like something you would like to use just click on the above pictures and hop over to my store.  Download the preview to grab the sample preview.

Stay warm this winter:)


  1. What a great idea! If you don't have snow, use a substitute. :-) These look like they were lots of fun.

  2. They were a lot of fun Leah! I am getting ready to pull this out again for a fun review:)


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