Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted...What earthquakes today in Panama?!

I am joining in on Latoya's Linky party today:)  This week the rules are...
Sharing 3 things about yourself that you like or like to do using your initials.
My initials are D.C.J.E.
D - is for drinking.  I love to drink warm drinks.  Even when it is hot outside!  They are very comforting.  I know where every coffee shop  is on the way to all my destinations-lol.  If you want to know where to get good coffee just ask!  I am in a kind of heaven here in Boquete, Panama.  There are coffee bushes growing on every mountainside and many different coffee shops to choose from!  I used to drink my coffee with cream and sugar.  Now I drink it with cream and raw honey!  If you hang around this coffee shop long enough you will see me walk in the door!
C- is for Cacao or chocolate.  My second favorite thing is chocolate:)  My newly discovered food source since coming to Central America.  The raw version or fresh from the Cacao fruit is by far the best.  I love to add the toasted cacao bits to my by banana milk shakes - yum!
This is where chocolate comes from!
J-is for jogging.  I love putting on my jogging shoes and exploring the sounds and smells around me.  It's much better than in a car because it's at a slower pace.  Sometimes my body is so busy trying to focus on breathing and jogging I can actually get some real think time in!
Nike Flyknit Lunar1+
E- is for Earthquake!  We had 2 earthquakes today!  It left me a little shaky, no pun intended:)  We live next to a volcano and after I'm done writing this I need to figure out where the epicenter was!  Can you believe I didn't see any news about it today?  Everyone just goes on with life as if it never happened...kind of like living in California:)  This is a picture of the volcano we see everyday in our front yard. 
Volcan Barú de Panamá. Foto Roberto Carey
 Volcán Barú....a dorment but potentially active volcano...wow look at all those vocanos in Panama!
We are a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire...
Now it's your turn.  If you would like to join this linky party you can hop on over and join in.  Let me know if you do ...I would love to get acquainted:)

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Success in Second Grade

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  1. What a life! Coffee and chocolate and look at your view...Wow! Thanks for sharing!
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