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Gentle-Shepherd Product Reviews & Giveaway!

Today I am doing  some product reviews &
a Giveaway for my new friend Diane at 
Gentle Shepherd
Diane has also just opened up a new store at Teachers Pay Teachers.  If you haven't visited her store you should go visit it after you are  done here! 




FARM ANIMALS MATCHING CARDS w' word lists in 4 languages

The first product I wanted to share  with you is Diane's Farm Animals Matching Cards.   These are
so cute and you will just love the graphics on them.  They are all hand drawn and my kids really love them!

She has provided the matching cards that you can print out to play games, use as activity center labels, put on magnets, or use as writing prompts.  The activities you could do with them our limitless, but Diane has also provided some suggestions for their use. 

This one suggestion I just loved and so did my kids.  Diane gives the sounds that all the animals make in different languages!  Well this was a kind of new concept over here!  Animals speak different languages???  Well yes...and they also have different names in different languages!  We have found out living in Central America that sometimes animals here, dogs especially, will NOT respond to English commands, but they most definitely know Spanish commands!  We have also learned that people from other countries make different animal noises then we do in English!  For example chicks in English say "cheep, cheep" in Spanish they say "pio, pio".  Have you ever  heard the song "Los pollitos dicen pio, pio, pio, cuando tienen hambre cuando tienen frio...." ?  If not you can hear it here.  It´s  a fun song and my kiddos have learned a lot of  Spanish from that one song alone:)  So this is a great activity that Diane had suggested... we all enjoyed  it and I know you will too!

Here are some more pictures of her hand drawn Farm Animals...Aren't they cute???

Another product we had the pleasure of reviewing is

This is what Diane says about this product...
" There are large boxes to write in, then circles, and much later some lines to write on.

For every letter of the alphabet, there is a page with a dotted letter to trace and three large boxes. There are a variety of other practice pages for learning and review, too.

These work pages are for learning to write capital letters (Lower case letters are not introduced in this book). Capital letters are easy for children of four or five to begin with, because they require less fine motor coordination than writing lower case letters.

There are five different sets of pages in this ebook. Pages in set one have three large boxes to write in, and in set two there are four circles to write in. In set three pages have circles and lines, and set four has lines only. In set five there are compound words and short phrases (with no lines-- for less stress; so young kids can focus on letter shapes instead of on their exact placement).

There are 141 different print-out pages, and a total of 230 pages in the e-book (some pages are repeated in the first section, to provide an option for convenient printing out). "

These writing worksheets are so simple for emergent writers to practice writing.  There are no distractions for easily distractable children and they know just what to do!
 Look at how nice that writing is!  We really enjoyed these.  There are no confusing lines, just a circle or line to write the letter in!  Perfect!  The kids felt very pleased with their writing and so did I!

We have also been using Diane's Preschool Beginning Notebook Set and Counting Cards.
This first set includes pages to help a child learn
  • alphabet letters 
  • numbers to 20
  • shapes
  • days of the week
  • a rebus rhyme
  • 2 traditional songs
Fifteen different pages, covering numbers 1 to 5

These are also hand drawn beautifully...
Diane's counting cards are great for Pre-K -K.   You could use them in your math centers - just   laminate them  or put them in page protectors and they are ready to go

We printed and added all the pages to my preschooler's notebook and had fun with the different activities.

 They would also make great worksheets for cutting and pasting,  assessments, number recognition, sequencing, and counting order. 

 You could also use them vocabulary building by talking through each picture.

We enjoyed all of Diane's products and I know you will too! 
Now for the Giveaway!  
There will be
 5 winners who  will receive the 

Farm Animal Matching  Cards


a choice of 2 things from  Thetravelingclassroom store!

So go ahead enter and get your raffle tickets, I hope you win!
( You do not have to do everything but the more entries you do the more chances you have to win!!! )
 You will have everything you need to have some fun with your Pre-K through Firsties and your older kids too!
If you can't wait, go ahead and hop over to her store and pick them up:)

 Have a great day!

***Digital Paper on the Giveaway picture from Janet at Mrs. D's Firsties- Thanks Janet:)
Mrs Ds Firsties


  1. I heard about the giveaway through your blog! I would love to win Arctic Penguin Spoons Literacy Unit and Writing Activity Centers!

  2. What a wonderful review. I'd love for you to join my book hop (reading and writing techniques are always welcome) on thursdays. If you're interested, stop by sometime!


  3. I heard about this in an email from you on tpt. Sounds like a great giveaway! Thanks

  4. These are super cute and sounds like fun!

  5. Hi! Great review- they look perfect for my son! Your blog is so cute and lively! Glad I found you!
    Tori's Teacher Tips

  6. I found your blog through Zoom Zoom Classroom's new blogger post on TpT. I have totally enjoyed reading your blog posts!
    First Grade Enigmas

  7. I love all your pictures of the real world examples and things you have done. So nice.

  8. I found your blog through TPT! It looks like you are having some amazing adventures!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Laura ~ First Grade Spies


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