Friday, July 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday with Panama Family Friendly Field Trips...

Here's to a little Throwback Thursday...I am missing Field Trips right now!  We are going on a great one tomorrow, Horseback riding! Yea!!!  So I should get my fill then...I promise I will bring back pictures...but for now let's revisit some of my favorites:)

This post is from 2/12/2013

Here is a picture at our local shop ...check out the cool hat woven out of reeds (yes that's me wearing it:)!

We also started taking custom orders at our etsy Panama Art store...check out this beauty we are making for a customer!

Trip to Gualaca, Panama ( Cangilones de Gualaca)

 Cangilones means buckets in Spanish...there are definitely lots of "buckets" of beautiful water here!

It is an amazingly beautiful place with fresh Sparklets running water, canyon rocks gently carved by the water, and lots of sunshine!!

Oh, I forgot the little fishes...there were little friendly fishies everywhere!!! The kids kept throwing bread to them and then they would swarm us and touch us---ewww....and then they tried to catch them & the little tadpoles too!!

It was so much fun jumping off the rocks - what a thrill! The kids had a blast jumping, diving, and then climbing back up to do it all over again:)

We also swam upstream, against the current to a little waterfall slide...that was really fun slipping down the slippery rock and plunging into the pool below. It's our own little swimming hole!

Right now in Central America it is summer! (My favorite time of the year) What that means to all of us living here is that the rain has stopped and the clouds have gone away! Can you believe in a few months this river will overflow this canyon of rocks, cover it up with huge rapids, and be a grade 6 level rapids???! (above professional level)

That means we will have to get the most out of our new swimming hole during our summer months!

I feel so clean & relaxed...& a little sunburned - lol...
Below are pictures we took on another local Field Trip.
These are called the Guaca mountains by the locals...

These are petroglyphs here in Boquete, Panama.

We were only able to see two of the four today. The others are on private property and we were not able to see them.

We were told they were maps or guides that are about 1000 years old. The circular sections are pictures of mountains. The wandering lines are possible pictures of trails or local rivers .

Both of these places are great Family Friendly Field Trips! You can learn and see the hand crafted items of the indigenous and see real artifacts over 1000 years old! I hope you get to visit. I love to hear your comments:)

Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about the local people here and our fun field trips:)

Here is a peak at why I have been so busy...these have just been released in my store:

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Thanks for traveling with us.

 Hasta pronto - Ciao!


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  1. Looks like you had a great time! I need to plan a fun field trip soon. :) Thanks for linking up at LOBS!


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