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KinderBach Piano Curriculum Review (FREE Coloring Books!)

The  KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner was a really fun product to review.

It is a complete online Piano program geared for children ages 3-7.  These early music lessons can work for homeschool  piano students  or in music classes in a school setting. It includes short interactive videos, accompanying worksheets, and teacher instructions.  The only things you really need are a computer, some sort of keyboard (we have a $40 piano keyboard that worked just fine:), and a printer.  I was able to download everything I needed on-line, which was wonderful for us.

My 5 year old mainly used it and had loads of fun.  We printed out the whole book and put it in a binder so it was ready to use.  They also have an easy link with each lesson so you can print as you go.   We would watch the lesson, participate in the activity (tapping, pressing the keys, and/or answering questions), and then enjoy the accompanying worksheet.  Most of the time we would watch 3 to 4  lessons at a time because we enjoyed it so much.

There are 6 levels of music curriculum to choose from.

Since we didn't have any prior music knowledge we started at Level 1.  It took a few lessons for me to get the hang of it and to really see what the program was all about.  I have to say I was impressed.  While the older kids would walk in and think it was silly, my younger ones loved it.  The characters are a boy named Frisco, Dodi the Donkey, Carla the Caterpillar, Edward the Eagle, Felicity the Frog, Gracie the Gorilla, Alan the Alligator, and Bob the Bear. Through the characters  a story is told and the children are taught corresponding music concepts.  (e.g.  Dodi lives on the D key, etc.)

Cost for membership:  $130/yr (Special Offer – currently only $95.88/year)

Where to find it:

What you get

Early Music Lessons:   Beginner piano video lessons that can be streamed to PC, MAC, tablets, ipads, and smartphones.  (Available for purchase in DVD format and Levels 1 to 3 are available in an iPad/iPhone app. along with 6 ipad games.)

Interactive Worksheets with almost every lesson:  You receive interactive worksheets that can be printed out to be put in a notebook or printed individually.
Teacher Corner:   Downloadable materials that include tools for instructors, whole group lessons, and additional resources.

Meets Kindergarten Common Core Standards:  Common Core standards are met for Kindergartners in the areas of  reading, writing, speaking and listening, language, and math.  You can get more specifics and each common core standard that it meets on their website.

Piano Pal Storybooks:  These are full color storybooks that go along with the lessons.

Songbooks:  4 different songbooks (hymns, Christmas,  Patriotic, and Everyday) are included with their MP3 accompaniments.

And So Much More:  There is so much more I have yet to learn and explore on their website.  I really look forward to learning more with my little guys.

Review Summary

Pros:   A very thorough piano curriculum that is effective in getting the students interested and engaged.

Cons:  Some of the songs and surfer guy accents are a little outdated.  Older kids catch on right away and make comments but the little guys don't have a clue.

Here is a fun, little video that gives you a sneak peak of the product:

There is a free two week trial that you can sign up for.  Just click on any of the pictures to hop on over.

And now for the FREE...

Just click on the this link -Free Coloring Books and copy/paste the codes in at check out.  Enjoy:)

"A House for Dodi" book - use the Coupon Code: DODIHOUSE

"Train Stations" book -- use the Coupon Code: TRAINS

You can connect and say thank you to KinderBach for these cute coloring books at these sites:

Twitter: @KinderBach

Have you found anything in this resource that might interest you?  Why would you or would you not choose this product in your classroom?  Please share any thoughts you might have in the comments section below.  You can read more reviews from the crew here.

Thank you for traveling with TheTravelingclassroom ... I hope you found this review helpful:)

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  1. These look great. I never though to have the kids do coloring pages with piano. It makes sense:). The more ways they can explore a concept the better.

  2. Oh, I would love these for my four-year-old. She has such an interest in piano.
    My son does too but he's only one and tends to just smash the keys!
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