Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tips on Learning A Second Language Part 3 - Giveaway!

This is Part 3 of 3 of the series  "Tips on Learning A Second language"  as part of the Review Crew blog hop.  If you missed any of the blog posts in this series,  feel free to click on any of the links below to navigate to them.

This has got to be a teacher's favorite topic : RESOURCES:)

I get so excited when new curriculum arrives in the mail or when I find new books:)  I am really looking forward to sharing my favorite resources with you today...

Part 3 - Great RESOURCES for learning a second language

So you may not sound like you should as you try to speak a second language but in time people WILL understand you ...IF you  just keep trying:)

The best auditory resources are always those that use native speakers.   I have found some free resources that I want to share with you first:)
TPT (Teacher's Pay Teachers)
Teacher's Notebook
I pin a lot of resources to my Pinterest boards....please hop on over, follow,  and check them out:)

Of course the things that are really good have more value, right?  Below are my favorite priced items:


Another reason to learn from a native speaker - so you correctly understand the meaning of words:)

I also really enjoy making resources for my classroom.  I would love to give out 2 free resources to any of my readers...just leave me a comment below about learning a foreign language.  I will pick winners next week.  Thanks a bunch for joining me during this series:)


  1. Learning Spanish in Jr High and High School taught me to understand all the English grammar lessons I'd had growing up. :) I remember saying, "Oh!! That's what _____ is!" (fill in: direct object, indirect object, present perfect tense, etc.)

  2. Learning Spanish taught me grammar. I remember saying, "Oh! That's what ______ is/are!" (Fill in the blank with: direct object, indirect object, present/past perfect tense, past participle, etc.)


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