Thursday, February 28, 2013

Purim Sameach!!

This past weekend we celebrated Purim here in Panama with some friends.

Purim is a fun Jewish Holiday just like Hannukah. It is a celebration based on the book of Esther in the Bible during the time of the Medes and Persians about 500 years before Yeshua (Jesus). (Purim is usually in Feb. or March every year).

We had a wonderful time. We played lots of games; bean bag toss, musical chairs, hit our Haman Pinata, and had a costume contest! There were lots of prizes and yummy food for everyone.

This is a picture of everyone with their cast of characters on spoons for our Purim Readers Theater and play.

Here they are:  King Xerxes, Haman, Mordecai, Esther (Hadassah), Queen Vashti

Our huge Hamantashen cookies with brownie centers.  mmm- delicioso

Party Favors:)

Our Haman Pinata!  Boy, was this a blast!  Candy was flying everywhere & he lasted a really long time... everyone got a turn!  It was hilarious watching the kids diving for the candy:)

Another picture with the girls in their pretty Queen Esther style Dresses.  Each one had their own perception of what a Queen Esther should look like:)
Do you like the rain boots & butterfly wings?  She walked around feeling so pretty in her outfit!  So cute!

If you haven't done anything for Purim yet you should check this out!
Everything You Need To Have a Purim Reader´s Theater!  It's not to late to learn some history about Purim and have some fun:)  Just click on the picture and it will take you over to some more details in my TPT store.

If you didn't see our Reader's Theater video you can go see it here.

I used my Party Planner and I must say I was much more relaxed being organized!  I was able to sit
back and enjoy all the fun:)  If you are planning a party, I would definitely suggest using something to help you get organized.  It helps take away a lot of the stress and makes your party become more of what you envision it to be!  Just click on the picture to learn more about what is included in my Party Planner!
If you didn't grab the freebie for the planner, hop back over and grab it here!

I hope & pray you have a wonderful Purim holiday season with your family & friends!
Purim Sameach!!!


  1. Dinah, it looks like you all had a great time! I like the spoon characters-- did the kids make these?

    1. Thanks Diane! Yes, they all made one -they picked the character they wanted to be in the play and made their own spoon:)

  2. Sounds interesting and biblical background aside what lil girl wouldn't want to dress like a queen for a day. I enjoy learning about the various religious celebrations


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