Saturday, September 6, 2014

How to Make Your Own Teacher and Student Binders

Making your own binders for your classroom is super easy!  You can make them for a 1/4 of the cost that you would pay to buy them already made. This little tutorial will walk you through the process.

This year I really wanted a cute set of binders for myself and my kids.  My little girls wanted the cute chevron planners and my littler guys helped design their own calendar notebooks with cute critters. I went ahead and conquered the task for all 5 of us.  Whether you are making teacher binders or student binders the basic steps will be the same. 

My Teacher Binder Bundle is completely editable, so you can customize each cover that you make.  I made covers for TheTravelingclassroom, Spanish, Calendar Time, Science, and my personal calendar notebook/lesson planner.   I also made front and back covers for each of my kids. 

 You can either use the cover pages in a 3-ring binder or use them in a comb bound notebook.  With a 3 ring binder you have the option of adding pages later on and it is really easy to just slide the pages in.  If you choose to have them bound at a print shop (such as Kinkos, Office Depot, etc.) with plastic or metal coil binding, you will have a nice little notebook when you are all done.  With the comb binding option you will want to laminate the front and back covers for durability.

You can also add your own little embellishments.  I chose to add a polka dot ribbon book mark to the back cover.  I just hot glued it to the back cover.

You will not need the binder spines with the comb bound or coil bound binder.  I printed all my pages on our home printer, laminated our covers, and then took them to the local print shop to be bound.  At the print shop they punched the holes and bound them with their handy dandy machine.

You will want to have all your pages in order before you head to a print shop.  Make sure to organize enough weekly pages, daily pages, and notes for the year.  Don't forget your page dividers!
If you are making a teacher lesson planner or organization binder you will want to include all the pages for that also.

That is all there is to it!  The fun part is seeing the final products:)  Everyone over here LOVED their new binders.   They couldn't wait to pull out the glitter  gelle pens and start writing.  (I have to admit, I felt the same way:)

If you are in need of a teacher binder be sure to hop on over to my store to check it out while it is on sale!

The Teacher Binder Bundle will be 50% off for a limited time. That's over 600 pages for only $15!!

You can find notebooks for your little ones too by clicking on the picture below....


  1. I teach Kindergarten. This is perfect for organizing ANY classroom! You thought of everything!

  2. I love this packet I'd love to win it :)

  3. I teach 5th grade and am a huge organizational junkie. I would use this to keep me even more organized as well as teaching my students to organize themselves

  4. I am in third grade and love it!! This would be an amazing binder for me!!

  5. OH I LOVE this!!!! I am glad to see that you offer it in PP so that it is easily editable... Hope I win :)

  6. I teach 3rd graders. I'd use this as my go to tool. Everything could be kept in one spot. Plus. It's really cute!

  7. I am a Speech Pathologist. I love that I can edit and use what I need. So many people have fabulous organizational tools but they don't fit my needs as well as your product does.

  8. Love that it's editable. Can't wait to use it.

  9. I am a retired teacher, and I run a tutoring business for students of all ages. I need binders for 6 different reading levels, monthly activities, math at all levels, etc. Trying to keep it all organized is a major job. I love being able to edit material, so yours is great. Thanks for the Giveaway.

  10. I teach kindergarten and would love to win this pack. I would have everything my sub would need in one convenient binder.


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